Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy for Your Recovery

Our philosophy for recovery is to help the client to regain balance and choice in their life. It is a living, flexible, evolving practice tailored to the specific recovery needs of every individual. The clinical staff at Axis Mental Health developed this practice as part of our world-renowned recovery treatment that focuses on the connection of mind, body and spirit.

Mental health disorders can vary greatly and cover a wide range of issues. Common mental health disorders include: depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive behaviors, and personality disorders.

Mindfulness-Based Therapeutic Mental Health Treatment Center
Each client collaborates in building the type of treatment they need to improve their health. Our specialties include bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, panic disorder, Schizophrenia and Personality Disorders. We have assembled a team of expert doctors and psychotherapists who have achieved success over time with these populations. We design the treatment you require with short term and long range goals in mind.
All Mental Health Centers Are Not Equal

Our philosophy is to provide a secure and comfortable environment for treatment of mental illness that is tailored to the client’s individual needs to base treatment on client care and family support. We also strive to promote a healthy, therapeutic and safe environment that focuses on helping the client stabilize and live a lifetime of healthy habits across all dimensions (mental, social, legal, physical, and emotional) of life.

To provide professional assistance, caring staff is comprised of state-licensed and certified clinicians, & mental health workers with many years’ experience in the field.
We help you heal your emotional breakage.

You may feel helpless, but with Axis Mental Health, hope is within reach.