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Treatment Team

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Treatment Team at Axis Mental Health

Paul Lang

Program Director & Administrator

Paul has had a lifelong passion for helping people.  Having previously worked as an engineer, holding a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Paul sought to find a more emotionally and spiritually satisfying career.  Two years ago, Paul transitioned to working in the substance abuse and mental health industry and continues to pursue an education in psychology and chemical dependence counseling.   Paul is currently in the Doctor of Psychology program at California Southern University with the end goal of being a licensed psychologist.  Additionally, Paul is a Certified Administrator, through the Department of Social Services, for Adult Residential Care Facilities.

Patricia Fahmy, MA, APCC

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor

Patricia completed her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology at New York University. Her goal as a Clinical Counselor is to cultivate a warm, safe, non-judgmental environment that offers room for growth and positive change. Patricia believes that building a strong therapeutic relationship is one of the most important aspects of therapy and meets each client with compassion, attunement, and collaboration.

Patricia utilizes a holistic, dynamic, and integrative approach to mental health which consists of trauma-informed, attachment-focused, psychodynamic, and cognitive-behavioral techniques. She also has had extensive training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) which she often uses to help individuals develop healthy ways to cope with stress, regulate their emotions and improve their relationships with others. Patricia has experience working with a wide variety of populations including those who have endured trauma, struggle with substance abuse addictions, severe mental illnesses, depression, anxiety, and personality disorders. Patricia is particularly concerned with the impact of trauma and improving intervention to support trauma recovery for better emotional, physical and relationship health.

As a Clinical Counselor, Patricia is determined to provide supportive, appropriate care for every client. Patricia is passionate about de-stigmatizing mental health and welcomes people from all walks of life. She prides herself in creating a liberated space for all of her clients.

Kerry Donovan

Case Manager

Kerry provides individual case management, family support, and the development of personal growth for each client. Kerry is pursuing a BA in Psychology at California State Fullerton with an emphasis on clinical psychology. Kerry has over six years of experience in the mental health field. Kerry has a passion for helping those with mental health struggles and treats each client with dignity and respect with the aim of helping clients restore their sense of self-efficacy and independence.

Roberta Milder-Spatz


Roberta began her nursing career as a way to positively impact people’s lives. Her passion and dedication in life is to help others. She began working with Axis Mental Health as a client care coordinator in 2017, where she excelled in her experience working with clients undergoing treatment for mental health diagnoses and some dually diagnosed with drug and alcohol abuse disorders. Showing compassion and care, she has helped assist clients in their journey through recovery.

Mikaela Willis


Mikaela became a nurse with the specific intention of helping individuals with mental health and substance use disorders.  Mikaela’s passion for helping this population has continued currently in her 4th year of working for Axis Mental Health.   She brings love, kindness, and compassion to work every day.  Her top priority is making sure the client’s medical concerns are communicated with, and addressed by, the facility’s physicians and clinical staff.

Veronica E

Lead Staff

Veronica has over 8 years of mental health experience in addition to a background as a certified nursing assistant.  She has worked 5 years in psychiatric hospitals and has spent the last 3 years working in residential mental health treatment.  Veronica ensures all employees maintain high standards of operations and a loving and therapeutic environment for the clients.

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